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Tired of Wired?
Call QUALITECH! We'll unplug those cables and unwire your world! For years the buzzword was "Get Wired", now the mantra is "Go Wireless". So, what's so great about wireless? How about the freedom of being un-tethered from a wall jack, or being online anywhere your laptop or desktop goes, or the ability to easily locate or re-locate computers and printers anywhere in the home or business. Not to mention no more cable clutter, no unsightly and expensive cable runs, no drilling holes in walls.

Need Speed?
Call QUALITECH! Our broadband solutions for surfing, music, movies, and telephony bring a whole new dimension to your online experience. And for businesses, our VoIP PBX solutions can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!

Want something else?
Call QUALITECH! In addition to networking (wired and wireless) and web development, QUALITECH provides a wide range of computing and I.T. services.
Check our Services page or contact us for more details.
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