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Wired or wireless, we get you connected! Although most implementations are suitable for wireless, some businesses or applications require the fastest LAN network speeds that currently only a wired solution can deliver. We'll help you determine your needs, develop a firm set of requirements, and then design the most economical solution.

Virus and Spyware Removal
Viruses, spyware, and other malware programs are rapidly spreading, rendering many computers virtually inoperable. If you're experiencing pop-ups, weird search pages, and re-directions to strange web sites, your computer is infected! Many of these programs are so malicious that they can't be eliminated with automated malware removal tools, and will need to be manually removed. Just call QUALITECH and we'll get your computer back to normal.

Internet Connection Sharing
For most residential users and small businesses, this is probably the biggest benefit of establishing a LAN (Local Area Network). Whether you have a broadband or dial-up internet connection, everyone in your home or business can be online at the same time. No more waiting for "your turn" to surf the web or check email!

Voice over IP Telephony
For broadband users, our VoIP solutions let you use your internet connection to make and receive telephone calls, with significant savings and advantages compared to your traditional, legacy telephone service. And it's not what you think - you don't have to use a microphone and speakers, or even a computer. You'll use a regular telephone, with a regular telephone number, and you'll make and receive calls the same way you do now. The only difference is that your calls are routed over your internet connection instead of the traditional telephone system - and with quality and features that are as good as or better than your current service.

Web Development
QUALITECH provides a wide range of internet and web development services - from domain registration to e-commerce web sites.

Other Services
A partial list; contact us for full details of the services we can provide:
  • Computer problems
  • Virus/Spyware removal and system recovery
  • Transfer email and files to new PCs
  • Back-ups & computer security
  • Listen to CD-quality internet radio on your home stereo
  • View internet movie downloads on your home television
  • Broadband connections and Broadband telephony
  • Develop advanced Excel spreadsheets
  • Develop PowerPoint presentations
and much more...call QUALITECH today!
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